About client

Rocket Services


Melbourne, Australia


Rocket Sevices have been creating, sourcing and connecting expertise in the Philippines to support the Australian finance industry since 2010. Rocket Services integrates professional, expert resources – trained and selected for our client’s specifications – into their businesses, friction free.

Over more than a decade, they have delivered reliable and scalable support to financial sectors including Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking and Accounting.

Our Approach / Objectives

To establish brand awareness, Rocket Services required a website showcasing their diverse range of services. The goal was to create a sleek and user-friendly website tailored to their target audience.


  • Implement a user-friendly site architecture and navigation system to facilitate seamless browsing and accessibility of content.
  • Provide detailed information on competitions and teams to enhance user engagement and interest.
  • Develop support resources to assist users and address their needs effectively.
  • Establish solid SEO foundations to boost search engine traffic, drive future growth, and minimize any negative impact on existing traffic and customer base.
  • Offer ongoing development and search marketing support to continuously optimize and improve the website’s performance.

What we did

  • UI/UX design
  • CMS Implementation using WordPress


The new website is elegantly simple and highly functional, with intuitive navigation that enables visitors to locate the information they need quickly and easily.