About client

Peta’s Soul Connections


Melbourne, Australia


Peta is a holistic Counselor, Energy Healing practitioner, Reflexologist, and facilitator of Women’s Circles. Her fervor lies in aiding individuals on their journey to heal past wounds, uncover inner serenity and joy, and stride confidently towards a more radiant future.

her venture into holistic therapies was far from a smooth ride! Despite encountering numerous challenges, her instincts consistently steered me away from conventional medicine towards the realms of organic food, yoga, nature, and, of course, natural therapies!

Our Approach / Objectives

To establish brand awareness, Peta Tyler required a website showcasing their services. The website needed to be responsive and provide her online presence showcasing services she offered. The goal was to create a sleek and user-friendly website tailored to their target audience.


  • Implement a user-friendly website, improved UX and mobile functionality at the forefront, to allow for more conversions, easier internal management and less maintenance.
  • Flexibility for site administrators to manage their online bookings via content management system.
  • Establish solid SEO foundations to boost search engine traffic, drive future growth, and minimize any negative impact on existing traffic and customer base.
  • Offer ongoing development and search marketing support to continuously optimize and improve the website’s performance.

What we did

  • UI/UX design
  • Logo Design
  • CMS Implementation using WordPress
  • Infrastructure & Hosting
  • Digital Strategy


An engaging, and consistent experience of the Peta Tyler’s website that has increased client base.