About client

My Liquor Online


Melbourne, Australia


MYLIQUORONLINE.COM.AU offers a wide range of whiskies, whiskies and other spirits both online from the comfort of your homes and in store in Victoria, Australia. They specialize in unique, rare and collectables. They have many items that are uniquely and exclusively available with them in the world and probably no where else.

Company needed a high-end web presence, online shop, integration with different marketplaces like catch.com.au, ebay, amazon and discounts on larger orders. Company also wanted to increase the market share by implementing the SEO and social marketing strategies to increase its customer base and brand awareness.

Our Approach / Objectives

To establish brand awareness, MyLiquor Online required a website showcasing their diverse range of premium liquor. The website needed to be responsive, serve as a centralized database, integrate with multiple marketplaces, and provide ecommerce capabilities. The goal was to create a sleek and user-friendly website tailored to their target audience.

Raster Graphix was entrusted with the task of developing an immersive digital experience across web and social platforms to engage liquor enthusiasts in Australia.


  • Implement a user-friendly site architecture and navigation system to facilitate seamless browsing and accessibility of content.
  • Develop and maintain an up-to-date digital strategy to align with current market trends and business goals.
  • Create a comprehensive branding pack and oversee the design and development of the entire website.
  • Provide detailed information on competitions and teams to enhance user engagement and interest.
  • Develop support resources to assist users and address their needs effectively.
  • Establish solid SEO foundations to boost search engine traffic, drive future growth, and minimize any negative impact on existing traffic and customer base.
  • Offer ongoing development and search marketing support to continuously optimize and improve the website’s performance.

What we did

  • UI/UX
  • CMS Implementation using WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Integrated with marketplaces (amazon, ebay, catch.com.au)


Myliquor Online successfully established a digital presence within a short span of three months, launching a website featuring over 1000 products. Leveraging the power of WordPress, the website offers a centralized platform for the team, facilitating streamlined content and marketplace management with a centralized database and inventory control.

The website was brought to life within 3 months! Its light, breezy, and cool aesthetic instantly communicates the brand’s essence and product offerings. The content is both informative and compelling, while strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) elements drive conversions. The website’s backbone is a search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly content management system (CMS), enabling Myliquor Online to swiftly implement necessary changes with just a few clicks.